Quanticae’s study on cybersecurity in the EU published

The European Parliament has published Quanticae’s study on the European cybersecurity industry on its website. Under the title Achieving a sovereign and trustworthy ICT industry in the EU, the study aims to identify and evaluate policy options for the European Union to achieve cyber-resilience and develop industrial and technological capacities and resources for a reliable community cyberspace, also with the aim of promoting fundamental values such as the protection of Internet privacy.

The study, commissioned from Quanticae by the STOA (Scientific and Technology Options Assessment) unit of the European Parliament, includes some recommendations on the public policies to be developed in this area with the aim of increasing the European weight of the ICT industry in cybersecurity and reducing the dependence on foreign technology providers.

The presentation of the study took place in Brussels on 21 December by our partner Rafael Rivera. You can now access the pdf version of the European cybersecurity study.

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