‘La Sociedad en Red’ Annual Report 2015

ONTSI - Red.es

  • Year: 2016

Portada informe La Sociedad en Red 2015

Quanticae has participated in the 2016 edition of the Report La Sociedad en Red. The study is published annually by the National Observatory for Telecommunications and the Information Society (ONTSI) dependent on Red.es. It is a compilation of information and indicators to analyse the ICT sector and Information Society evolution in 2015.

The report describes the situation of the Information Society in Europe and the rest of the world, with a focus on key aspects such as the implantation and the use of ICT in Spanish households and companies, the development of the ICT and digital contents markets at national and global level and the evolution of eGovernment. The study also follows up the key indicators of the Spanish Digital Agenda and the future trends that will mark the future of coming Information Society.



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