Report: ‘Digital skills in Spain, how to improve them?’

España Digital Foundation

  • Year: 2015

Portada dossier Competencias digitales en EspañaThis dossier, summarising the work carried out during 2015 by the Foro de Formación Digital, is aimed to address the challenges posed by the increasing demand of qualified professionals with the appropriate digital competences. In this regard, it is presented a characterization of the digital competences and an analysis of the current state in Spain, comparing this with its neighboring countries. The report follows with an assessment of the actual ICT labor market, main target for the professionals with the right digital competences, also analysing the actual gap between the number of existing specialists and the industry demand.

After the description of the current situation of the digital competences and the future evolution in the ICT labor market, it is presented a number of initiatives carried out at national and global level, both from Public Administrations and private sector, in order to bridge the existing gap between the European industry demand and the existing professionals with the adequate digital competences. The dossier ends up with several recommendations, arising from the analysis of those initiatives, in order to improve the digital competences of the Spanish citizens. Quanticae has provided technical assistance for the preparation of the dossier.



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