Contribution of foreign multinationals to Spain

Foreign Multinationals for the Spain Brand

  • Year: 2014

Portada informe Contribución de las multinacionales extranjeras a España

The aim of this report, conducted by the Foreign Multinationals for the Spain Brand, is to highlight the value of this presence at national level, its contribution to the Spanish economy in terms of investment, employment and innovation level. At a time when the Spanish economy is gradually starting to pick up, the Association considers it is appropriated to highlight its contribution, especially as it has made it possible to counteract the negative impact of the economic crisis on key indicators such as employment.

The indicators used provide a true and fair view of its contribution, assessing the interest and evolution of wealth generated by foreign companies in Spain. Starting from the quantification of the number of foreign companies established in our country to analyse the current situation of the foreign companies’ representativeness in the Spanish innovation system, the indicators show the confidence of these companies in Spain as a destination for their investments, contributing to its economic development.

The report provides context for the contribution of foreign companies to the Spanish economy, always bearing in mind that, despite representing a small part of the Spanish companies, their contribution in terms of business volume, job creation and innovation activities is significant.

The report analysis heightens the necessity of considering foreign multinationals as key players in the Spanish economy and deserve to be treated in the same terms that domestic companies, given their commitment to key objectives such as boosting job creation, encouraging productive investment and promoting innovative activity, which are indispensable elements for finding the way back to growth as soon as possible.

The main conclusions of the report are the following:

-The contribution of foreign companies to the Spanish economy has been maintained, and even increased, during the period of economic crisis in Spain.
-The number of foreign companies’ affiliates in Spain has constantly growing in recent years, demonstrating the interest of these companies in participating in our economy.
-Foreign companies’ affiliates have generated 26% of Spanish’s turnover in 2011, growing at an annual rate of 3% between 2008 and 2011.
-In 2012, 278 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) projects were launched, making Spain the third European country in terms of number of FDI projects.
-In 2012, Spain obtained the fourteenth largest Foreign Direct Investment Inflows ($27.75 billion) in the world economy.
-In 2013, gross productive FDI reached 15.814 billion euros, 8.8% more than in 2012.
-Foreign investment in Spain has created 1.24 million jobs.
-Foreign companies’ affiliates established in Spain have successfully maintained their employment level despite the severe economic crisis Spain is currently experiencing.
-The percentage of innovative companies with foreign capital is very significant (10.2%). In the case of large companies, this percentage rises up to 32.8%.
-The percentage of businesses that carry out R&D activities with foreign capital is also significant (12.4%). In large companies, this percentage increases notably and reaches 34.5 per cent.



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