Agustín González-Quel
Rafael Rivera
Carlota Tarín
Juan Pablo Villar

Our history

The origin of Quanticae goes back more than 9 years. In January 2009, several professionals with extensive experience in the public and private sector created Iclaves with the aim of improving public management, mainly in policies related to the technological field and the Information Society. Since then we have become a reference in Spain and Europe and have developed many of the reference analyses in this field.

We soon realized that we cannot improve on what we don’t know, and we included as part of our services the quantitative analysis in what we called the definition of “better” public policies based on evidence. Based on this belief in the power of evidence, we have promoted quantitative analysis in its four aspects: descriptive, causal, predictive and prescriptive, combining classic techniques such as regression models with newer techniques such as deep and superficial automatic learning algorithms. In our work and in our proposals, we keep a healthy balance between conservative pragmatism and necessary innovation. Eventually, a few years ago we made the leap from the public to the private sector because we believe that this evidence-based management model is applicable to other fields. Since then, we have developed solutions and provided services in different areas: financial, HR selection, resource optimization, marketing, document management, etc.

In 2018, we changed our name to Quanticae after the takeover of that company. More recently, CORUS SYSTEMS & CONSULTING GROUP became part of our capital. We currently have offices in Spain and the United States.