Data Analytics is about turning data into relevant and actionable information to seizing new opportunities and tackling current problems

Data allows you to understand key elements of your business such as customer retention, logistics efficiency, human resources productivity, competitors’ performance, pricing strategy or sales force effectiveness. Quanticæ goes to the point by identifying the key business issues and Implementing your data strategy to successfully address those issues today and tomorrow.


Quanticæ proposes an iterative agile approach:

Data strategy definition

Business understanding and Data understanding

Data strategy assessment

Data modelling and pilot development

Data strategy implementation

Data infrastructure definition, development and deployment

Data based organisation

Promote a smooth transformation into a knowledge-based organization

A Clear focus

  • CUSTOMERS: retention, profitability, cross-selling, …
  • PRODUCTIVITY: resource optimisation, logistics, …
  • MARKETING: Product definition, dynamic pricing, portal optimisation, …
  • SOCIO-ECONOMIC CONTEXT: On-line perception, raising awareness, macro-economic impact, regulation, …
  • COMPETITORS: Trends, market positioning, …

Know our Services

Definition Phase

Our sectorial experts work with our customers to identify the key strategical elements of the organisation namely current problems and hidden opportunities.

Our data analysts identify the existing internal data related to the key issues. Further, our big data experts merge internal data of the company with required external data: competitors, customers, society information, seasonal information,…

Piloting Phase

Based on the results of the definition phase, we create, clean and organize the datasets and we develop and test the models.

Our goal is to build efficient and appropriate models to address the business issues while carefully testing the results by using predictive analysis.

The results are communicated through the usage of effective visualization and summary reports. Key finding are discussed with the customer stakeholders. Iterative fine tuning of the model is carried out to provide the best result. Upon validation of the preliminary conclusions, the plan for the implementation of the models is prepared.

Implementation Phase

The implementation phase incorporates the algorithms into the IT infrastructure of the customer. We use Agile methodologies for iterative improvement of the solutions and early delivery of results.

From the conclusions of pilots, the production system will be implemented and their conclusions will feed the legacy systems of the customer with this new valuable information for the business

We are Tool Agnostic. We only commit to the best quality to our customers and the lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Our technical staff is prepared to deploy the systems and provide services to support business continuity.

Transformation Phase

We firmly believe that data analytics must be smoothly incorporated into the company DNA as a daily practise. Therefore, we provide our customer with both technical support and change management services, while carefully assessing the on-going results of the transformation.

From the technical side, we support the customer with the complete team: project managers, data engineers, technical experts, …

From the change management perspective, we offer sectorial big data experts, training consultants and communication experts for your organization to smoothly foster the change supported by the different stakeholders.

Eventually, our team will periodically update your data strategy, by reviewing results and the evolution of the business and the environment.


ITC Company

Analysis on commercial activity showed unexpected results with respect to the profile of the most profitable customers, considering all the costs related to a customer. This analysis led to a shift in the commercial policy of the company.

On-line retailer support

The objective of this project was to improve cross-sales and customer retention. Over 2,5 million registered gathered using Google Analytics from the last two years improved first and second sale and allowed to segment customers for further marketing campaings.

Support to IoT infrastructure

Analysis of the information provided by a network of devices installed in over 100 trees gathering information every 14 minutes during 15 months. The research provides information to optimise water and resources consumption.

International Monetary Fund

The analysis on the 12.283 news for the last 20 years looking for references to women, unequaliy and sustainable growth allowed the creation of a predictive model on how economical and political changes affect the social perception of these terms.